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Local response to Covid-19 policies

Anyone planning or considering a visit to our beautiful Parish for more than a day please postpone it indefinitely until at least this second Covid-19 lockdown measures are withdrawn or modifified to allow travel for overnight stays


We have now received advice from the Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC) about the conduct of Council business during the period of lockdowns which restricts us meeting in person. Alwington Parish Council has conducted a risk assessment and because there is no pressing business the meeting planned for 17 November has been cancelled. If the lockdown persists into December and/or is reinstigated in Janaury, the meeting acheduled for 7 January will take place electronically between Councillors.

In the meantime if anyone wishes to raise a matter for the Council's attention please notify the Clerk by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Following the first lockdown the Parish Council has set up a local support network in consultation with other stakeholders including St Andrews Church. For more information please see our dedicated Covid-19 virus section on this website.  

We will post other notices on noticeboards as far as is possible and on the website with updates as soon as we can to keep contact with everyone at this time.

Gordon Lester
Alwington Parish Council


5 November 2020



Welcome To Alwington Parish

Occupying a stunning part of the beautiful North Devon Heritage coast, the Parish of Alwington covers an area stretching from Peppercombe to Babbacombe and Cockington, towards Greencliffe on the Abbotsham Parish border, then moving inland from Bideford Bay, it includes such quaintly named spots as Knotty Corner as well as the villages or hamlets of Fairy Cross, Ford, Alwington and Woodtown, before moving on down to the boundary at Yeo Vale. means "the town within or below the wood".



Devon and Cornwall alert

The Devon and Cornwall alert system helps the police obtain information on happenings in the local area whilst also keeping people informed and aware. The system is designed so that people can recieve the infromation they would like, and subscribers do not recieve alerts on every incident. The main goal is to help reduce crime and also help to give the police more information regarding crime.


Click here to register or for more information.

Village Hall

 Alwington Village Hall was constructed in 1933, it is ideal for various events, including skittles, dancing classes, concerts, quiz evenings, horticultural shows and the like.