The Grants Process

To apply for a Parish council grant you must be a charity, community group, or voluntary organisation with a constitution and a dedicated bank account, operating and providing a service to the community in Alwington.  All funding requests must use our application form and applicants should provide all information requested.

The grant funding for 20221/22 is £1500.  The minimum grant will be £100, and the maximum £500.

Alwington Parish Council will not fund the following:

Organisations that do not provide a service to the community in Alwington.

Individuals or appeals supporting an individual.

Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs.

Religious groups where funding is used to promote religious beliefs

Projects that may take place before an application can be decided.

Organisations that have closed or restricted membership.

Equipment or other costs that have already been purchased or incurred prior to the application being considered,

General grant conditions:

Applications for projects where the work has already been completed will not be considered.

Grants must be spent within 1 year of the award. Any unspent monies left after this time must be returned.

Only one application per year will be accepted from any organisation.

In order to receive payments organisations/groups must have a bank account into which the which grants can be paid, payments will not be made to private individuals.


The application process

Completed applications forms should be forwarded to the Parish Clerk.


Grant applications will be considered by the Parish Council from April to January , and decisions on the award of the grant will be made at the appropriate Parish Council meeting.


Payments of grants will be made by cheque, and forwarded to the organisation/community group.