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Need Assistance ?

Please let us know if you need any other help in ANY way – a phone call, other provisions, prescription pick ups – no request is too small if it helps you stay safe! At the same time, we are a great community and these testing times will show this: there are people around you who are vulnerable, self-isolating and new to the area, and we are sure they will be cared for and helped as needed by their neighbours.

If you do require assistance then please follow this link to the contact form


Rev Madeline Bray, St Andrews' Vicar is also available for anyone who might like a chat, or to say a prayer and other spiritual help.

Click here for her contact details 

Local Coordinators who can offer assistance 

Suppliers liaison: Neil Rothney (Lynne Lane for dairy)





1. High Park inc Winscott Barton

Andrew Hockridge


Hockridges Farm


2. Portledge


Mike Wood 


Cockington Farm


3. Ford


James Clarke

Nicola Honey

Sansuns., Toms Lane


3a. Knotty Corner Adrian Blight  

4. Fairy Cross inc Church Park and Portledge Place

Christine Moore



Viilage Hall porch



5. Woodtown


Alison Browning

Sarah Bourke

Alison's stone barn


6. Yeo Vale Liz Westaway Westaway's Farm

7. Alwington


Brian Adams


Old School Room porch

8. Horns Cross


Linda Slee


Coach and Horses outside pool room


Local food, local suppliers, local people

With government advice suggesting that all but essential travel should not be undertaken and therefore that we should stay at home as much as possible, we have been investigating possible deliveries that the Parish could utilise.


Honey’s Butchers (01237 451224)

Deliver to our area on Tues & Friday am. They supply a full range of meat, sausages, bacon, cheese, eggs etc. cooked beef, ham and turkey. They also can provide cooked pasties (traditional & cheese and onion) and sausage rolls.

Westward-Ho! News, Dave Allmark (01237 451029)

Supply all papers as well as weekly/ monthly magazines.

Dunn’s Dairy

Delivers Mon & Friday. Please contact Lynne Lane or Alison Browning for more info.

Cottage Country Bakery Ltd

Wholesale but will consolidate smaller orders orders.


Edd's Local Farm Box, Graham (01271 869191)

Provides veg boxes – you can pick what you want or get a surprise. Great value for money and top quality produce.


Also, although they don’t deliver, don’t forget the Milkiosk is on our doorstep and provides milk and eggs.


Most of the above only take card payments over the phone, please speak to your local contact and we can
facilitate card payments for you.

 Cyber Protect Advice

In light of the current situation we understand it is going to be a period of huge worry and uncertainty.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous individuals and criminal gangs are exploiting members of the public to make a financial gain for themselves. Cyber-crime is a Tier 1 threat to National Security and criminals will exploit any opportunity they can. Click here to read more